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Its here… its finally here…hard to really put to words how special this is to me. Growing up I was obsessed with comic books, it was the art that pulled me in and the stories that inspired me. I had a few learning deficiencies growing up (dyslexia/reading comprehension) but comics helped bridge the gap of interest for me and allowed me to really push against my weaknesses and eventually evolve. One of my all time favorite comic book characters is Batman. The fact that he doesn’t have super powers and his purpose was born from vengeance just made him stand out amongst the comic book crowd. My obsession lead to collecting as many Batman titles old and new falling deeper into the amazing rich lore of Batman. Some key influences in the Batman lore for me would be (to name just a few) Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli, Jim Lee, Paul Dini, Chris Nolan and now Matt Reeves… Working in the film industry for over a decade I finally got my chance to be apart of the Batman legacy and to complete a personal bucket list of mine. I am posting this right before I enter the theater to experience The Batman for the first time… big thank you to James Chinlund for believing in me and giving me a chance, our director Matt Reeves and to the rest of the amazingly talented team for bringing the designs, world, characters to life, it takes an army to produce this level of work…now…it’s time to enjoy THE BATMAN… :)
Design + Production team - Ben Last, Colie Wertz, Haisu Wang, Daniel Frank, Patrick Dunn Baker, Dominic Tuohy, Joe Hiura.
P.S. - Do you see the Bat-Symbol in the rear here… I did my best to put as much iconic symbolism into the Batmobile design as I could :)